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Updated Oct. 15, 2002

Welcome to Kevin C. Hartzog's WEB site.

Welcome to Kevin C. Hartzog's WEB site. I have developed this site as a supplement to my classroom assignments in Biology, Marine Science, Physiology, and Astronomy.

Stars and Seas have been written with two things in mind. First, I want my students to have a backup for assignments that they have missed due to illnesses. So I have placed each days agenda on htis site, with links to the pertinent assignments. In some casses, assignements have been taken or adapted from other sources. In other cases, assignments are original to either to the school where I teach, Thurgood Marshall Academic High School, or have been created by myself.

Second, I have included links to other sites that have very good content for the subjects that I cover in my class. These links will provide my students with either alternative ways of presenting the material, or more depth to areas that we have covered within class.

Also, within this site, my students will be able to keep track of the agenda, assignments which have been given, and the total number of points that they could have earned on those assignments. Parents will also be able to see what their child is doing on a day to day basis.