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Agenda 10/10/00

  1. Biome Tours Project
    1. Due Dates
      1. Today, Oct 10
        1. Researchers set the order that I will tour the biomes. Have the first and last biomes in the tour the two biomes that are closest to San Francisco.
        2. Artist, find key pictures, and begin your drawings.
      2. Due Oct 12
        1. Writers' Rough Drafts
        2. Artist 3 drawings of plants and animals
        3. Researchers begin layout for your group's section of the Tours the Biomes of the World booklet.
    2. Responsibilities
      1. Writers
        1. 3 pages minimum describing your biome. You must include the following pieces of information:
          1. How do I get to your biome from the preceding biome, or San Francisco if your biome is the first one in the tour.
            1. Extra Credit: Cost of travel.
          2. Where is your biome?
          3. How large is your biome?
            1. Extra credit if you also give the size of your type of biome in the world.
          4. Describe the habitat (environment).
          5. Walk me through your biome, describing the animals and plants found there. Make me see it, smell it, hear it, feel it, and taste the scents of the biome.
          6. How do I get to the next biome, or San Francisco if your biome is the last in the tour.
            1. Extra Credit: Cost of travel.
      2. Artists
        1. You need drawings of the key plants and animals that is distinctive for your biome.




Passing (C)



To get an A



        1. For each drawing, you need a small paragraph (caption) telling me the following:
          1. Name
          2. Specific Habitat in the biome.
          3. Niche (e.g. its place in the food web)
      1. Researchers
        1. Compile (put together) the bibliography for your group, both for the writer and the artist. I need the references that tell me where to find the pictures.
        2. Get together with all researchers to decide on the order of the biome tour.
        3. Help find pictures.
        4. Design your section's layout (for Thursday). Think about how the Southeast Asia tour book is layed out.