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Agenda-10/31/00 to 11/01/00

Botany: The study of Plants

  1. Sit in your groups, in alphabetical order by last name (A in 1st seat, row 1).
  2. Place your homework on your desk for stamping.
  3. Lab: Characteristics of Plants:
    1. Write the purpose, materials, procedures, and Table 1 in your lab notebook.
      1. You can not do the lab if you do not have your lab notebook.
    2. When your everyone in your group has finished writing the procedures, etc., meet Mr. Hartzog to find out whom you are working with.
      1. Partners will be picked randomly.
  4. Begin the lab.
  5. Homework: In an essay, write the answers to the discussion questions in your lab notebook. (Postponed until next class.)

Note: 1st period was rushed, with 9 students coming into class late, and I not having finished the notes for each lab station. 5th and 7th period had the same basic questions, what is "division of labor", what do I write in the column "roots, stems, leaves", etc. Students needed more time, because they had to fill in the table, and draw and describe each plant (five in the leaf section, three in the flower section, three in the leaf arrangement section, one moss, one horsetail, and one succulent).

This lab needed two days, which is why the homework was postponed, but the students were learning about plants. It seemed like it worked well, and it could make a good lab practical in the next Midterm.