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Agenda 12/4/00

  1. Its a question of function fitting form.
    1. In your lab notebook, write in the above title, your name, your partner's name (from your group), the date, and page number. DON'T FORGET to add the title and page number to your Table of Contents.
    2. To start your purpose, answer the following question: What is the purpose (job) of the skeleton?
  2. Video Eyewitness: The Skeleton
    1. Three pages from the title page, create a table in your lab notebook based upon the following table headings:

Table 1




Spider Monkey



      1. Fill in the table as you watch the Video.
    1. Birds fly, fish swim, snakes crawl, cats run and leap, and we stand on two feet.
      1. For the second paragraph in your purpose, answer the following questions:
        1. How does the skeleton determines how well the animal can do what it does best, whether it is swim, fly, jump, or run?
  1. Homework: Skeleton Lab
    1. For the third paragraph in your purpose, make a hypothesis based upon the following question: How would the skeletons of different animals differ from each other? What does the skeleton tell you about what the animal's body can do?
    2. After your purpose, write your methods based upon how you will get the information needed to fill in Table 1 and Table 2.
    3. After Table 1, create another table in your lab notebook based upon the following table headings:

Table 2



Bone(s)/ Function




Hand/ grasping