Spring Biology Agenda:



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Spring 2004 Biology Agendas:


Agenda 05/20/04

  1. Evolution Quiz 3
  2. Review Pepper Moth Lab
  3. More Fossils: Skulls
  4. Genetic Drift

Do Now: Did the Pepper Moths experience macroevolution or microevolution? Explain.

Homework: Research Hominid skulls, and answer Chapter 14 Review Questions

Due: Pepper Moth Lab

Agenda 05/18/04

  1. Events in Evolution
  2. Pepper Moth Lab

Do Now: Give an example of a Trace Fossil.

Homework: Questions from Pepper Moth Lab

Due: Evolution Packet

Agenda 05/17/04

  1. Discussion from World Of Questions, Evolution Packet

Do Now: Finish Timelines

Homework: Read Chp 12-2, pages 252-257, Macroevolution and Microevolution

Due: Answer for the questions from , World of Questions.

Agenda 05/06/04

  1. Finish Timeline of Earth's Evolutionary Past

Do Now: Finish Timelines

Homework: Chapter 12: Chapter Review

Due: Timelines

Agenda 05/04/04

  1. Video: Events in Earth's Evolutionar History (NASA and SETI)
  2. Timeline of Earth's Evolutionary Past

Do Now: How old is the Earth? When did life first evolve?

Agenda 05/03/04

  1. Review Midterm
  2. Check homework

Do Now: What is a timeline?

Homework: Chapter 12: Chapter Review

Due: Chapter 13 Review

Agenda 04/29/04

  1. Video: Evolution

Agenda 04/26/04

  1. Evolution
    1. Unifying Theory of Biology
    2. Species changing into new species
    3. Adaptation to the environment

Do Now: Write what you know about Evolution.

Homework: Read Chapter 11-1 and finish section review

Due: Nothing

Agenda 04/22/04

  1. Unit Exam, Part 3 (DNA Replication, Transcription, Translation)

Do Now: Pull out vocabulary cards

Agenda 04/20/04

  1. Unit Exam, Part 2 (Mendelian Genetics)

Do Now: Pull out vocabulary cards

Agenda 04/19/04

  1. Check Homework
    1. Transcription-Translation
    2. Codon Tables
  2. Unit Exam: Vocabulary

Do Now: Define a condon and an anticodon. Where do you find each?

Homework: Study for Unit Exam

Agenda 04/08/04

  1. Transcription
  2. Translation
  3. Unit Exam Review

Do Now: What is the complimentary base for adenine in DNA?

Due: Chapter 9-1 section review

Agenda 04/06/04

  1. Transcription

Do Now: What are the steps of DNA replication

Homework: Chapter 9-1 Section Review

Agenda 04/05/04

  1. DNA Replication

Do Now: What is DNA replication?

Homework: None

Due: Read Chapter 9-1

Agenda 04/01/04

  1. DNA Spooling Lab

Do Now: What are the steps in isolating DNA?

Homework: Lab Questions

Due: N/A

Agenda 03/31/04

  1. DNA Structure
    1. Shape
    2. Chargaff's Rule

Do Now: Describe the shape of the DNA molecule.

Homework: Chapter 8-2, Notes

Due: N/A

Agenda 03/25/04

  1. Finish the Baby Lab

Do Now: Finish the Baby Lab

Homework: Chapter 9-2 Section Review, notes about DNA structure

Due: Baby Lab

Agenda 03/23/04

  1. Family Pedigree
  2. Baby Lab
    1. Introduce Diffusion lab

Do Now: What is the purpose of meiosis?

Homework: Monohybrid III Worksheet

Due: Nothing

Agenda 03/16/04

  1. Quiz
  2. Genetics
  3. A case of the Royal Disease

Do Now: How do alleles and genes compare and differ?

Homework: Answer questions from the Royal Disease

Due: Lab Questions

Agenda 03/15/04

  1. Quiz
  2. Genetics
  3. Mendelian Genetics
    1. Law of Segregation
    2. Law of Independent Assortment

Do Now: Do all the pea plants have round peas?

Homework: Define co-dominant and somatic cells

Due: Monohybrid II

Agenda 03/11/04

  1. Quiz
  2. Traits
  3. Medelian Genetics

Do Now: give an example of a dominant and recessive trait. Explain why that trait is either dominant or recessive.

Homework: Vocabulary Cards

Due: Notes about Mendel's experiment

Agenda 03/09/04

  1. Genetics
    1. Traits and physical characteristics.
    2. Mendel's peas

Do Now: What are traits?

Homework: Vocabulary Cards

Agenda 03/08/04

  1. Genetics

Do Now: Who was Gregor Mendel?

Homework: Vocabulary Cards

Due: Nothing

Agenda 03/04/04

  1. Unit Exam
  2. Genetics

Do Now: Study for 10 minutes.

Homework: Notes from Chapter 7-1.

Due: Nothing

Agenda 03/02/04

  1. Quiz
  2. Unit Exam Review

Do Now: Compare and contrast cellular respiration and photosynthesis.

Homework: Notes on the immune system

Due: Nothing

Agenda 03/01/04

  1. Quiz
  2. Unit Exam Review
  3. Finish Mitosis Lab

Do Now: What will be the first science class that you will take in college?

Homework: Study for Unit Exam

Due: Nothing

Agenda 02/26/04

  1. Quiz
  2. Check homework
  3. What is mitosis?
    1. Lecture
    2. Lab

Do Now: Describe mitosis, giving two examples of cells that use mitosis.

Homework: None

Due: Dissection Lab Questions

Agenda 02/19/04

  1. Frog Dissection
    1. Dissectors copy notes from your recorder.
    2. Answer lab questions

Do Now: Describe the frog's respiratory system

Homework: Chapter 6-2, pages 126-137

Due: Nothing

Agenda 02/17/04

  1. Frog Dissection Preview

Agenda 02/12/04

  1. None

Agenda 02/10/04

  1. Correct Quiz
  2. Quiz re-take
  3. Lymphatic System
    1. Video: Osmosis Jones
  4. Groups: Make your own quiz

Do Now: Define the terms "Anatomy" and "Physiology".

Homework: Chapter 39-2 notes.

Agenda 02/09/04

  1. Quiz: Cardiovascular System
  2. Lymphatic System
    1. Organs

Do Now: Sketch the pulmonary system

Homework: Vocabulary Cards from notes

Agenda 02/05/04

  1. Cardiovascular System
    1. Heart
    2. Blood Vessels

Do Now: Where do you find oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood?

Agenda 02/04/04

  1. Cardiovascular System
    1. Heart
    2. Blood vessles

Do Now: Name two types of blood and state where in the cardiovascular system you can find each type of blood.

Homework: Chapter 37 chapter review

Agenda 02/02/04

  1. Cardiovascular system
    1. Purpose
    2. Overview

Do Now: What is the purpose of the cardiovascular system

Homework: None

Agenda 01/29/04

  1. Mad Cow Report
    1. Complete 7 body paragraphs
      1. Topic sentences
      2. Concluding sentences (summarize the paragraph's main ideas AND transition into the next paragraph).
    2. Conclusion
      1. Summary of main ideas (paragraph's topic sentence)
      2. Economic implication (beef export) to countries with Mad Cow

Agenda 01/27/04

  1. Mad Cow Report
    1. Outline the report (due at the end of class)
    2. Write a good thesis

Do Now: What makes a good thesis?

Homework: Write seven body paragraphs.

Agenda 01/26/04

  1. Mad Cow Report
    1. Review the rubric in groups
    2. Develop your topic sentences for each body paragraph
      1. How many paragraphs? (Look at the rubric.)
      2. What information does each paragraph contain? (Look at the rubric.)

Do Now: CASHEE question.

Homework: Write one paragraph about BSE

Due: Rough draft of the Mad Cow report

Agenda 01/20/04

  1. Sit with groups
  2. Organizing your notes for the report.

Do Now: How is your group doing with your Mad Cow research?


  1. How does your immune system work?
  2. how does the cardiovascular sytem hel your immune system?

Due: Notes from Mad Cow research

Agenda 01/15/04

  1. Choose your five strongest sources of information for the Mad Cow report.
  2. Proper format for references.
  3. Share your group's notes from your best sources

Do Now: CASHEE math question

Homework: Rough draft of your Mad Cow report.

Agenda 01/13/04

  1. Take notes from your references about Mad Cow
    1. Define Mad Cow
    2. How do you detect Mad Cow?
    3. What are the symptoms of Mad Cow?
    4. How do you treat Mad Cow?
  2. The immune system
    1. What are the organs of the immune system?
    2. How does the immune system detect diseases?
    3. How does the immune system fight diseases on a short-term basis?
    4. How does the immune system fight diseases on a long-term basis

Do Now: CASHEE math question

Homework: Eight Mad Cow references.

Agenda 01/12/04

  1. Review for Quiz 1
  2. Quiz 1
  3. Mad Cow disease report

Do Now: CASHEE Math question.

Homework: Mad Cow Research

Agenda 01/08/04

  1. Photosynthesis

Do Now: CASHEE Math question

Homework: Chapter 5-2 Notes

Agenda 01/06/04

  1. Cellular Respiration

Do Now: CASHEE math question

Homework: Chapter 5-3 section review

Agenda 01/05/04

  1. Review answers from Fall Final

Do Now: CASHEE math question

Homework: None