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Fall Semester 2002


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Biology Syllabus:


Literally, Biology means the study of life. Our biology students will study what living organisms are, and the organismsí similarities and differences. Our students will investigate how all living organisms interact with each other and their environment. The students will also learn how scientists work, the scientific method, so that they could look at a problem objectively, and make intelligent decisions concerning biological issues.


  1. The Scientific Method
  2. Fields of Biology
  3. Cellular Biology
  4. Reproduction and Development
  5. Genetics
  6. Heredity and Evolution
  7. Classification
  1. Prokaryotes and Viruses
  2. Protista and Fungi
  3. Plants
  4. Animals
  5. Evolution Theory
  6. Ecosystems
  7. Effects of Humans on Living Organisms



  1. Textbook: Biology, Principles & Explorations. Holt, Rinehart and Winston (1999)
  2. Three ring binder with a separate section for biology for handouts, tests, and quizzes.
  3. Lab Notebook, bound
  4. Black or blue pen and pencil
  5. Highlighter or colored pencils


Graded Material

Percentage of your grade






10% (2 pts each assignment)



Exams & Reports





10% (Given each Monday)

Formal Reports



Classwork consists of writing the agenda in your notebook each day. It also consists writing all homework assignment in both your notebook and on the back of your Progress Report Sheet each time homework is assigned. You shall also write your Earned Points in your Progress Report Sheet each time you receive your graded assignments. Classwork shall also consists of writing notes in your notebook from lectures, movies, or other activities.

Cut Policy

Cutting class will not be excused for any reason. If you do cut class, you will lose all points for that day, and you may not make-up any assignments (including Tests and Quizzes). Your parents/guardians will be contacted for a parent conference, and you will be expelled from class until you arrive with your parent/guardian for the conference.

Tardy Policy

If you are not in class, you can not learn the material. Therefore, the following tardy policy will be enforced.

  1. On the first tardy, you will be reminded of the tardy policy.
  2. On the second tardy, you write an action plan describing how you will avoid being tardy in the future.
  3. On the third tardy, your parent will be contacted. You will also serve detention.
  4. On the fourth tardy, you will be sent to the counselor, who will contact your parent. You will also serve detention.
  5. On the Fifth tardy, you will serve Saturday school. A parent conference will be scheduled.
  6. After five tardies, you will be sent to the dean. You will be suspended from school after this point.

Academic Honesty

Family teachers will not allow copying of homework for ANY class in their room. Students will not be allowed to talk during tests or quizzes. Students who do will have their tests confiscated and receive a zero for the test. Copying, plagiarism, academic theft or dishonesty in family classes will be handled according to the following schedule.

  1. First Offense: All students involved will receive a zero on the assignment in question (0/0 policy), and the information will be shared with family members and recorded.
  2. Second Offense in any family class: 0/0 policy, letter will be sent home, and student(s) involved will be referred to the dean.
  3. Third Offense in any family class: In addition to the consequences for the second offense, student(s) involved will have their quarter grade dropped one whole letter grade.

Late Assignments:

Without a valid excuse, any assignment not turned in on time is a Late Assignment. Late assignments will be docked 10% of its total possible points per day, holidays and weekends excluded. So if a 40 pt Lab Report was due on Tuesday, you will receive 36 pts if you turn it in on Wednesday, and 32 pts if you turn it in on Thursday. It does not matter if our next class will not meet until Thursday.

Also, the last day that you may turn in a late assignment is the following Homework Center. Again, if an assignment is due on Wendnesday, you will have until the following Tuesday to turn it in. However, if an assignment is due on Tuesday, you will have until the following week on Tuesday to turn it in. YOU CANNOT TURN IN LATE WORK AFTER ONE WEEK HAS PASSED.

If you include a Late Work Ticket, you will get full credit. But, you will only have five (5) Late Work Ticket to use in one semester. So use them wisely.


The Family 10X's Homework Center will be on Tuesday, from 3:30pm to 5:00pm in room 101. There, you will be able get tutoring from your English, Social Science, and Biology teacher. You will also be able to turn in any assignments (i.e. homework, and reports) from the previous week.

I will also be available during additonal Office Hours, which will be posted outside of room 101.

I have also provided my email and cell phone on the front of this syllabus. So if you get stuck on any assignment, feel free to email or call. No calls after 10:00pm.