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Preparing to Study For An Exam:


  1. Study Area
    1. Find a quiet area to study.
      1. Kitchen,
      2. Bedroom,
      3. Living Room,
      4. Library.
    2. Have all of your notes, essays, labs, and quizzes with you.
    3. Turn off the TV and radio.
  2. Organizing your notes
    1. Rearrange your notes, essays, labs and quizzes into stacks, based upon subject (e.g. population notes and quiz in one stack).
    2. Rewrite your notes.
    3. Write cue-cards from your notes.
    4. Write an outline or concept map based upon your notes.
  3. Study Questions
    1. Review past quizzes.
    2. Write mock questions based upon your notes
    3. Have a friend quiz you.
    4. Answer the Chapter Review questions.
      1. The first question's answer is usually on the first or second page.
      2. After the first question, the following question's answer is usually 1/2 page to a page after the previous question.
      3. Turn each chapter section header or subheader into a question.
  4. Using the textbook
    1. Outline the chapter from the section headers and subheaders.
    2. Describe the pictures, graphs and tables in a paragraph.
    3. Make a sketch based upon a chapter section or subsection.
    4. Answer the Chapter Review Questions.
  5. Study Groups
    1. Find classmates to study with.
    2. Talking about a topic that is difficult will help you understand it better.
      1. By thinking about how to explain a topic forces you think about the topic. That sometimes helps you understand it better. So the other person does not have to know the answer.
    3. Quiz each other.
    4. Make game, like Jeopardy, from the topic, and play it with your study group.