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Drawings of the Moon, October 1999


Star Development Models November 1999

by Vincent Whitaker, Connie Du, Elena Kowalsky, Alexander Hall, Maury Balinton, and Johnny Xu

by Angle Meas, Steven Weng, Justin Leong, Oscar Mejia, and Micheal Reyna

by Luella Brown, Michael Zhao, Kathleen Nguyen, Caroline Cheng, Hardy Low, Oronde Taylor, and Jig Brosoto

by Susana Tang, Elvira Flores, Franklin McCoy, Nicholas Song, Jimmy Nguyen, and Sean Zabala

by Du Phung Lam, Nancy Huynh, Lucie Chen, Howard Lam, Thomas Taper, Manuel Diaz, and Felipe Alfaro

by Ruben Arushonov, Wendy Liang, Steven Ang, David Ta, Lolly Ng, and Kenson Vo

by Jefferson Yu, Nadine Tran, David Wu, Martha Avalos, Jason Washington, and Pierre Singletary

by Michael Zhao, Luis Ceja, Gloria Chan, Chris Edwards, Darcelle Robinson, Chanelle Cowlah, and Javier Coria

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