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Fossil Project

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What if we were able to create a time capsule of your home? It might contain the food that you eat, the place that you sleep, and the other living thins with which you interact your pets, your plants, even YOU! The time capsule would hold evidence of your environment so that if someone else found all the pieces, they could figure out how you lived.

Now turn the clock back thousands and even millions of years. The organisms that lived on Earth left you a time capsule in rock called a fossil "LOCALITY". A fossil locality contains species from a particular place during a particular time. For example, imagine that an ancient swamp where T. rex and her prey lived is slowly buried in mud and turned to shale. That special shale may contain fossils of all the animals and plants that lived in that swamp, during that time.

"So what do we have to do?"

Very Simply, your team is going to describe what you find out about a real-life fossil locality by making example fossils, writing a descriptive page, and teaching the class about your locality.

"How are we going to do all that?"

"When are we going to do all this stuff?"

"How do I write the report?"