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White Sea
Burgess Shale
Mazon Creek
Hell Creek
Green River
La Brea Tar Pits

Fossils of Nova Scotia

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Paleontology Sites

Palaeontolgy sites provide a snapshot of the an earlier age in Earth's history. Because of the nature of fossilization, many organisms have died, leaving no remains to mark their lives. But throughout the world lie places that provide small clues to ancient lives, habitats and ecosystems. Each site contains representatives from different periods in Earth's history, from the White Sea which contains some of our oldest fossils, to the famous Burgess Shale that started to "Cambrian Explosion" exclamation. Sites, such as Hell Creek, Solenhofen, and Liaoning contains clues to the dinosaurs. Follow the changes in our marine habitats through the fossils from the White Sea, Mazon Creek, or the Green River Formation. Or you can take a peek at the mammals which walked Earth by examining the fossils at the La Brea Tar Pits. Each site is unique. Some contain a better, more complete picture that others. But to garner a better understanding of Earth's past, do delve into the treasures of the Palaeontolgy sites of the world.