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Heredity Vocabulary

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Review :

Vocabulary (Fill in the space with the appropriate vocabulary.)

____________________ The molecular strand on which our blueprint is written.
____________________ The process that produces gamates (i.e. sperm and egg).
____________________ The process where a fertilized egg grows into a new individual.
____________________ Coiled up DNA.
____________________ The stage where you can see DNA.
____________________ The stage when two new nuclei are formed.
____________________ The stage when a parent cell physically becomes two daughter cells.
____________________ The physical result of a combination of alleles.
____________________ That part of a DNA strand which results in a physical characteristics. (Note: The general term for allele.)
____________________ A combination of alleles in your DNA (e.g. GG)
____________________ The trait that shows up based upon the genotype (e.g. green peas)
____________________ A genotype made from the same type of alleles.
____________________ A genotype made from two different alleles.
____________________ An allele that always shows its traits.
____________________ An allele that only shows its traits when paired with another allele of the same type.
____________________ Two different types of alleles that always shows their traits, even when paired together.