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The "Other" Evolution Movie

  1. 530 million years ago (mya), was there any living creature alive on land?
  2. List the types of tools the paleontologist used to find the fossils in the burgess shale.
  3. Dr. Whittington (the guy that kind of looks like a fossil himself) found a creature he named Opabinia. How did Opabinia use its trunk?
  4. List Hallucigenia's traits that protected it.
  5. During the Cambrian era, approximately how may new species develop?
  6. Describe how Animalocarus captured its food.
  7. Why might fins on the side of Animalocarus' legs help it?
  8. Picaya, the only creature still found today in our oceans since the Cambrian era, has what special feature?
  9. In Death Valley, they found fossils of fish that were able to live in fresh water. Why might it have been hard for saltwater fish to move into fresh water? HINT: Think about Osmosis!
  10. What trait allowed the Teraspid fish to survive in fresh water (water without salt)?
  11. Why did the backbone develop more after species moved from seawater to fresh water?
  12. If it already had gills, why did some fish survive, such as the lungfish's ancient relative the Eusthenopteron, when its swim bladder (an organ that helps fish float) mutate into lungs? HINT: Think about the water they lived in.
  13. What evolutionary advantage did limbs (legs) give the ancient ancestors of salamanders?
  14. What trait evolved that allowed Ichtyostega to finally walk on land