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Biology Syllabus

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AP Biology Syllabus

Mr. Kevin Hartzog
Room 101


AP Biology (Advanced Placement Biology) is an introductory college level course given in High School. By taking AP Biology, you will be taking a similar course to college students taking their first college level Biology course. In this course, we will explore several sub-fields in biology, and complete twelve labs and field studies to develop your understanding of biology.

In the fall semester we will start the year by looking at organic molecules, and how they work in organisms. We will move into Ecology, studying population dynamics, communities, and ecosystems, then ending ecology with a look at man's effects upon the environment. We will then plunge into Cell Biology, concentrating upon cell structure, cell cycle, and cellular metabolism. Our next unit will be Genetics, where we will explore heredity, the structure of RNA and DNA, nucleic acid replication, and biotechnology. We will end the fall semester by looking at the current questions surrounding stem cell research.

In the spring semester, we will delve into Evolution, exploring the processes that led to the development of life on Earth. Then we will look at how the changing environmental conditions on Earth led to changes in those organisms. We will examine the processes and mechanisms that lead to speciation. Next we will look at biodiversity and biogeography, exploring the different species found across the world. After that topic, we will move into Zoology to compare the anatomical and physiological differences between groups of organisms. Then we will use compare the Botanical groups both anatomically and physiologically. We will end by looking at the reproductive strategies of different organisms.


  1. Organic Chemistry
  2. Ecology
  3. Cell Biology
  4. Cell Metabolism
  5. Heredity
  6. Molecular Genetics
  7. Evolutionary Biology
  8. Biodiversity
  9. Comparative Anatomy
  10. Reproductive Biology
  11. Physiology
  12. Botany


  1. Textbook: Biology, 5th Edition. Campbell, Reece, & Mitchell. (2001).
  2. Three ring binder with a separate section for AP biology and loose-leaf paper.
  3. Lab Notebook, bound
  4. Black Pen and pencil


Graded Material

Percentage of your grade

Tests & Quizzes


Labs & Reports


AP Biology Test

Tuesday, May 14, 2001

Cut Policy

Cutting class will not be excused for any reason. If you do cut class, you will lose all points for that day, and you may not make-up any assignments (including Tests and Quizzes). Your parents/guardians will be contacted for a parent conference, and you will be expelled from class until you arrive with your parent/guardian for the conference.

Tardy Policy

If you are not in class, you can not learn the material. Therefore, the following tardy policy will be enforced.

  1. On the first tardy, you will be reminded of the tardy policy.
  2. On the second tardy, you write an action plan describing how you will avoid being tardy in the future.
  3. On the third tardy, your parent will be contacted. You will also serve detention.
  4. On the fourth tardy, you will be sent to the counselor, who will contact your parent. You will also serve detention.
  5. On the fifth tardy, you will be sent to the counselor, who will contact your parent for a parent conference. You will serve Saturday school.
  6. After five tardies, you will be sent to the dean.

Cheating & Plagiarism:

I will make a clear distinction between work that must be your own and work that may be shared. Make sure you also make that distinction. Cheating and plagiarism will have severe consequences. Copying or helping another person on a test will at a minimum result in an F on the test for all involved. An assignment, such as a formal lab report, copied from the another student, the Internet, or any other source will at a minimum result in an F on that assignment