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Buddha myth came from India. There are many stories of Buddha's lives and they are called Jatakas. Buddha's lives show him how he acquired greater knowledge and strength as he reborn to another life. There are many versions of his lives, since it's been expose to many other race. But one thing every one kept about the myth is that Buddha was "enlightened" under a pipal tree. He was sitting in a lotus posture, and said to himself he will not get up unless he found enlightenment. Then he did. Buddha's birth was unbelievable. He was born under a tree, and legend said that for every step he took beautiful flowers boomed. The weirdest thing is that his mother died two days after his birth. Buddha's childhood and adulthood never saw the real meaning of life. He didn't know people could get sick, ages, and dies. Before Buddha had search for enlightenment, he was a very powerful man. He had everything, riches, power, and family. But one day, he saw something that changed his whole life. Buddha had never goes out of his castle to see the outside world. So one day, he was curious and went out to look at it. That day he saw the "Four Signs". The signs shows and old man aging, shows a sick person, a dead person, and a monk. These inform him to leave his family, wife and son, and to escape the painful world. His journey to finding "enlightenment" was long and painful. He first tried ascetic, people who treat their body badly to get enlightenment, but later he found out that the method wasn't right. He left that place and came upon a tree. He decided that he wouldn’t get up unless he had found enlightenment. He sited in a lotus posture and meditates. After some days, he had found enlightenment and went back to his close ones and helps them be enlightened.
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By David Ouyang