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Japanese/Chinese Myths: The Myths & Stories OF Dragons:

One of the myths and legends about dragons they blow fire and that it represents the Chinese culture. The only problem is that some of the people have not talked about some of the other dragons that they have believed to exist. The dragon for both Chinese and Japanese cultures symbolizes power and excellence. In the early days of the dynasty’s some of the dynasty’s worshiped the dragon as their lord and some actually even asked them for help and guidance. The first and 15th of every month they use to perform rituals to worship the dragons. In Japanese Folklore there are nine types of dragons and in Chinese Folklore there are only three. In some legends they say that most of the dragons in stories evolved from fish, they as they grew they showed their strength and people started to respect them. The nine dragons on the Japanese culture are mostly related to the elements of the earth. The fire dragon is the most talked about and the most popular. The fire dragon is known to be in legends the most competitive and expects a lot from people. One of the other traits of the fire dragon is that it is very ambitious and very short-tempered, as everyone already knows. The fire dragon has to have a master in order to learn how to communicate without force. Another one of the dragons, which is one of the elements, is the water dragon. The water dragon is one of the quieter one’s besides the fire dragon. Some of the characteristics of this dragon is that is has a more positive attitude on things and also it has a more positive approach and also is less selfish and less power hungry than most dragons are. That is why that this dragon is on the most worshiped next to the fire dragon. Dragons are on of the most talked about myths in Japanese and also Chinese Culture and the world. An actual dragon or dragons bones have never been found, if they have existed, that is why a lot of people wonder why there is so much talk about dragons. The purpose of the dragon was meant to be for spiritual beliefs and just to make up stories and legends.


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