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How the world was created in the eyes of the Egyptian.

Creation:f: Two Versions

1st Version

From the beginning of time, there was only the watery chaos, called Nu. Atum(Amun, Amen), the sun god of the city of Heliopolis rose up from the Chaotic waters with his thoughts and will. With no place to stand in the watery chaos where he appeared, he created a hill. It was said that the Temple of Heliopolis was built on top of this hill. With the creation of the hill, it represented as the coming of light into the darkness of Nu. In the fifth-Dynasty, Atum is the same god as the sun god, Ra, Re or Khepri.

Since he was the only god in the world, he want to create more gods, but without a mate he can not reproduce, so he made a union with his shadow. This unusual way of producing offspring was not considered strange to the Egyptians. We see Atum as a bisexual god and sometimes consider his as the "Great He-She". With this, The Egyptians were able to show Atum was the one and only creative force in the universe. Some texts say that the birth of Atum's children was on the hill while other say that Atum stayed in the waters of Nu to give birth. He gave birth to his son by spitting him out and his daughter, he vomited. Shu was the son and was the god of air while Tefnut was the goddess of moisture. Shu and Tefnut continued the line of creation by setting up a social order. To the order, Shu supplied the 'principles of Life' and Tefnut contributed the 'principles of order'.

Some time after their birth, Shu and Tefnut got lost in the watery chaos of Nu. Atum, who had only one eye and was removable. He removed his eye, which was called the Udjat eye and sent it to search for his children. In no time, the eye returned with the children. Atum wept like a baby with tears of joy after seeing his children. The place where the tears drop, men came into form. With his children, Atum was ready to created the world. After some time, Shu and Tefnut gave birth to two children, Geb, the earth and Nut, the sky. Geb and Nut later became parents of Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nephthys.


2nd version

In another Egyptian creation myth, the sun god Ra takes the form of Khepri, the scarab god who was mostly credited as the great creative force of the universe. In a quote, Khepri tells us that in the beginning nothing existed before him, not heaven or earth. He also said that everything came out of his mouth that he raised from Nu, the watery abyss, which he also created and use the material in it to make everything.

At first, he tells us that he have no place to stand, so he cast a spell with his own heart to lay a foundation in maat (Law, order and stability). He created everything and was alone. Later he decided to create more gods, so he breathed the god Shu(god of air), and spit up the goddess Tefnut(goddess of moisture) The sun, which was called the eye of Nu, was hidden. It was not long before Shu and Tefnut brought with them their fatherís eye, the sun. Khepri cry, and his tears became men and women. Later, the gods made another eye, which was the moon. After this, Khepri create plates and animal, while Shu and Tefnut became parents of Geb, the earth and Nut, the sky. Then Geb and Nut, gave birth to four children, they were Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephthys.

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