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The Journey Of Horus

Many Years ago in ancient Egypt there was a God by the name of Osiris. He was married to a very powerful goddess By the name of Isis. But their is one problem Isis is his twin sister. During that time there was only a few people. Including Isis, Osiris, and there other siblings. They had a brother by the name of Seth, and a sister by the name of nephthys. Nephthys and Osiris was also married.Nephthys was a big part of Osiris life they also had a kid and the their son name was anibus, he was a very powerful person in egypt like Horus. So the worst thing about is that they were all related and nephthys and Isis were sisters.Nephthys also had a twin brother and her brother was Seth. Osiris was the king, and Isis was his Queen. Osiris brother Seth did not like that Osiris was the king. So Seth had is brother killed, by putting him in a coffin and throwing him in the river.

While He was dead Isis got pregnant by his spirit, during a dream she had while she was laying on top of his coffin. While Isis was pregnant she had to hide her pregnancy from Seth because he would go and try to kill her baby. Also while she was pregnant she resurrected her husband Osiris. When Osiris came back to life he had his son Horus, who Isis gave birth to. After Horus was born and got a little older his father got killed by Seth again. This time when Seth killed his brother he cut him up into pieces and he scattered them every where. Isis couldn't resurrect him because a crocodile ate one of his body parts and swam back into the Nile river.

After Osiris died Horus was raised by his mother on an island named Chemmis near buto. They lived there because Horus was in big danger from his evil uncle Seth. But since his mother protected him pretty well, Horus survived. Seth tried to kill Horus because he was going to become the next king. That is why Seth tried to kill Horus when he was a little kid. Seth was a very evil person. he did all that stuff justo be king.

At last Osiris transforred his powers to his son Horus. Osiris retired to the world and he became an underworld god. When Osiris gave the powers to his son,Horus became the new king of Egypt, ruling under the sun god Re. When he was king the other Gods associated themselves with calling Horus the Falcon- Headed God. Horus was one of the most important gods during his time because pharaoh was supposed to be his earthly embodiment. During that time other kings would take the name Horus as one of their own. At the same time the pharaohs were the followers of Re and so Horus became associated with the sun as well. To the people of the Solar Deity they know Horus as Osiris' son. Horus was a known name in Egypt.

Horus became A really powerful king in Egypt. So during that time he had a number amount of wives and he had four children. Horus had four sons and they were all put together and generally people sad they were born of Isis. His four sons were named Duamutef, Imsety, Hapi, and Qebehsenuef. They were born from a lotus flower and solar gods were associated with their creation. They were retrieved from the waters of Nun by sobekon the cardinal points.


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