The Murder of Osiris


Treachery, Murder, Deceit. A Jealous Seth want's the throne belonging to his brother, Osiris. Osiris was dubbed the first king of Egypt, and Isis, his queen by Ra, after chaos had overwhelmed Egypt. His brother Seth was very aggravated. Very jealous also. He wanted the throne very much. The story is about when Seth did the unthinkable and took the throne his own way. Osiris the king of Egypt, went on many journeys to other countries for trading, and welcoming greeting them to Egyptian life. On his many journeys, Osiris trusted his brother to take over the land and rule it for him, while he was gone. This made Seth even more anxious to get to the throne himself. Isis did not exactly know this for sure, but she kept a close eye on him and watched him whenever she could. On one of Osiris' returns, he received an overwhelming greeting. He was very shocked. Even Seth gave him a warm welcome. Osiris was just glad to be home. He was to attend a dinner party thrown by Seth. The party itself was very nice. Everyone seemed happy. Before Osiris went in, Isis wanted him to stay with her.

"This party seems a bit too much, wouldn't you say?" Asked Osiris to his wife, Isis.

"That it does. I would watch Seth if I were you." Isis replied.

"Now why do you say that?"

"I have been keeping an eye on him for the longest time. Every time you left." "And you said yourself he has done no wrong."

"Yes, but one time there was a rumor you were killed, and he did a very good job of hiding his sorrow."

"What do you mean?"

"He was happy almost. He wants the thrown, he wants Egypt for himself. He was jealous of you sin-"

"Shh….Just calm down. There is nothing wrong."

"I just don't want you to be hurt. Watch out for him."

"I will."

And so he did. Through out the party, everyone enjoyed themselves, including Seth and Osiris. They talked, they danced, everyone was at peace. The party was getting late, and some people were tired, ready to go home. Seth started to act a bit strange. More of his friends arrived. Big strong men. They had bags and sacks full of certain items. Sounding like coins, or chains, jewelry, maybe. Through out the night, Seth had been talking about how he had a specially made chest, or coffin just for his brother, Osiris. He talked about how splendid it was, and how it was made from the finest woods, and carved so beautifully. Everyone was admiring Seth for this, and even Osiris. Osiris had just finished a conversation himself, when Seth spoke. "Everyone, if I may have your attention please." Everyone looked for this announcement Seth had. "As you may have heard, and may already know, I have a gift for my dearest brother. Everyone was happy at this time.. "Now I will ask my strong servants to unveil the magnificent gift." Everyone began to clap and so did Osiris. The strong men came out with a medium sized coffin. Everyone stared at the amazingly beautifully carved coffin. Osiris stared at the coffin and liked it very much. "Well, brother, what do you think?" Asked Seth. "It is magnificent." Said Osiris. "It may be uncomfortable, maybe you should step inside tell me what you think."

Osiris had now stepped into the coffin. His head barely touched the top part of the coffin, and his feet rested comfortably at the end. "It fits perfectly brother." Said Osiris. "Very good. You will be remaining in there for eternity." Said Seth. "What?" "NOW!" yelled Seth as Osiris tried to get up when 3 of his large muscular conspirators, held him down, slammed the heavy lid, and sealed the coffin with chains and braces. After the coffin was sealed by the conspirators, Seth ordered them to take the coffin to the river. He had only three men do it, as the rest were to watch over the party. The three men and Seth went to the river with the coffin, as Osiris could barely be heard screaming to be let out. By this time, Seth had taken over the throne and became the new ruler of Egypt.

Isis heard the news and had a good idea of what really happened. She was devastated. She cut off a lock of her hair, and dressed as the widow she now was. She followed the trail to the kingdom of Byblos. There, she learned of where the coffin was. Townsmen eager to talk to a stranger provided her with the information. She found the tree that the coffin was in. What had happened was that the coffin had landed in the roots of a tree, and helped the tree grow and then was inside the tree as it grew. Isis got the tree to be chopped down and the casket removed. Osiris was resurrected, and Seth killed him again, scattering his pieces around Egypt. That was the last we heard of Osiris.

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