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Egyptians believe that he is the disc of the sun. They believe that Ra was created by chaos and believe that Ra brought order to the people. Egyptians believe that the way he looks likes is a man with a falcon head, a crowned man, and also as a scarab beetle pushing a round ball of dung in front of him. There are seventy-five different forms of Ra below the earth. Nut was the mother of five newborn Gods and Goddess. Their names are Osiris, he was born on the first day. The second day was Haroeris and on the third day was Seth. The fourth and fifth day was the birth of two daughters, Isis and Nephthys. Isis fell in love with Osiris and became husband and wife. Also Seth and Nephthys became husband and wife but the myth says that they were never in love. That was the beginning of the gods in Egypt and the begging of Isis. Isis was a female god that one day dreamed of having a falcon headed son named Horus, Isis wanted Ra throne given to her child Horus. She wanted to make Ra powers go against him, so she can easily make her son powerful and also to have Ra throne. In the other hand Ra was growing old and his eyes were beginning to dim, and he started to drivel. There was a part in the story that says, when Ra was walking some of his saliva fell from his mouth and fell into a clod in earth. Isis made that clod into a snake and she put the snake into a bush so no one can see it, later the story says that the snaked jumped and bit Ra. Isis didn't know what she have done and help Ra recuperate, she asked Ra to give her the secreted name that no one knows accept himself. Ra told her, and asked her to keep it secret until she has a son, and she would have the right to call him that secret name. Until this day no one knows the secret name. There's another part in the book that says the Ra creation was not listing to him and were beginning to create a wall to put Ra inside. Ra was already weak and old and saw what they were doing. Ra was so upset at Mankind that he called all the Gods and Goddess to meet with him. He told them what mankind thinks of their creator and how they wanted to put him away. He asked the Gods for suggestions and all of them replied with destroying mankind. Ra took their suggestion and sensed his daughter to destroy all living creatures that she can see. Days pass and Ra started to notice that they were sorry for what they were going to do to him, but Ra couldn't go back on his word. So early in the morning Ra talked to the remaining people in earth and told them to make strong beer and make it the color read. They made seven thousand jars of beer and made it the color red as if it was blood. Soon it was time for Ra daughter to destroyed mankind again, she passed by a pool full of blood that drank the pool dry and started to get a headache. She was so drunk that she couldn't continue her job and went to Ra and fell asleep in his feet. After that destruction Ra promise the world that he would never do that again, and to remember what happen to Ra's Daughter, the Egyptians have a day were the can get drunk as much as they want and Ra accepts that day. So what I have said so far is some stories of Ra and almost the end of mankind. There are more stories that are said of Ra and the beginning of mankind and the beginning of the Gods and Goddess of Egypt. This is all I know of Ra and Hope that you can find more stuff that would interest you in the Gods and the Goddess of Egypt.

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