Zeus is the ruler of all the gods of Olympia. Of course he wasn't the ruler since the beginning of time. Zeus was the son of Cronus and Rhea. Cronus prophesized that he would be overthrown by one of his sons so whenever Rhea had a child he would swallow it up. Rhea was getting so furious that when she was with child again that she left and went to have the child on Earth where she is undetected by Cronus. After she bore Zeus, she wrapped a stone in cloth and carried it back to Cronus. When he saw it, he swallowed the stone up clothes and all without even knowing that it was a stone instead of a child. Zeus had to overthrow his father to get the throne.

Zeus grew up with mortals. He learned the ways of the mortals and understood them much better than any normal god would. Rhea was very proud of Zeus because of the fact that he was so handsome. When the time was right Rhea brought Zeus up back to Cronus without telling him that was his child. Zeus then poisoned his food and Cronus vomited out all his children which includes Hades, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, and Hestia. They then had a war against Cronus and his titans but Zeus and his siblings won. They then chose the place that they want to rule. Zeus was the one who rescued them out so he got to choose first and he chose the sky to rule. Poseidon chose the sea and Hades always being the unlucky one got the underworld.

Zeus married his sister, Hera. Zeus was a very unfaithful husband while Hera was a very suspicious wife. They always watched each other. Zeus had many children with many different women. Only three of them he had with Hera. One Child that he had with a mortal was named Hercules, who was the greatest hero of all times. His strength was magnificent and he was known throughout the whole land. What was unfortunate was the fact that he was very much hated by Hera. She made his life practically miserable. Hera turned Hercules insane and he killed his wife and children. Eurytheus set upon him the twelve labors of Hercules. All this was because of the fact that Hera never forgave him that he was a son of Zeus and another women.

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