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transformed himself to a freezing cockoo and appeared to her. Hera didn't know it was Zeus and felt sorry for the bird so she picked it up and held it tightly to her chest trying to warm it. Zeus then took that chance and turned back into himself, surprising Hera and raped her. She married him after to hide her shame. Hera and Zeus had three children together. They were Ares, Hephaestus, and Eris.

Hera was also a very jealous wife because Zeus always ran around cheating on her. He had lots of mistresses and Hera always got her revenge on them or their children. One very popular story of Hera's revenge is the story of Hercules. Zeus was very attracted to a mortal woman named Alcmene. He went down to earth, transformed himself into Alcmene's husband and seduced her. They had a child named Hercules and he was half human, half god. When Hercules was still a baby, Hera sent two serpents to his crib to strangle him. Since Hercules was half god he took the two serpents and strangled them instead. After, when Hercules got older, he married and had three sons. Hera sent down a madness on him, making him kill his own family.

Hera also punished Zeus. She was tired of his infidelity and rebelled against him with the help of some other gods. She drugged his drink causing him to fall into a deep sleep. The other gods seized this opportunity and tied him up with a hundred knots in rawhide thongs. When Zeus woke up, he found himself tied down to the couch and yelled for help. His cousin Briareus was nearby so he came and helped Zeus untie all those knots. When Zeus got free he got so mad he took Hera, flung her to sky and tied her up with golden chains. She cried and cried for days until Zeus couldn't take it any more and freed her. They had to promise each other saying that Zeus would stay faithful to Hera and Hera never rebel again. They still watch each other after that.


Hera is the goddess of marriage in Greek mythology. She is the sister and wife of Zeus. She was born to Cronus and Rhea but then swallowed by Cronus because he believed that one of his children would over throw him just as he over threw his father. When Cronus gave birth to a son called Zeus, he was not informed of his birth so he did not swallow Zeus. When Zeus grew up, he poisoned Cronus's food, forcing him to vomit out all of his children including Hera. Hera's other siblings are Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, and Hestia.

She grew in Titan Ocean and the Tethys raised her. When she grew up, Zeus found her attractive and tried to seduce her a few times but failed. Zeus then

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