As Poseidon was the god of the sea, the navigators said that he was their protector. Poseidon built a beautiful palace in the profundity of the sea for the woman who became his wife. He was looking for a woman who wanted to marry him. In that moment was when he knew Amphitrite, who was a nymph of the sea and who later on got married with him. They had two daughters and the sea god Triton. Poseidon was an ambitious god, he always wanted to have more power than the others. For this motive he had an argument with Athena because he wanted that the city of the gods and goddesses on the earth to be named after him. But, this was not easy since they had to give to the city a good gift. But Poseidon lost because he gave a horse that represented war, the opposite of Athena 's, which gift was an olive tree that represented peace and prosperity. So the city was called Athens. Poseidon got so angry that Athena had won, he flooded the city. But Athena was not the only one with whom Poseidon had this kind of trouble since, Poseidon wanted to govern some parts of Greece, he had a similar dispute with Hera because of Argo. But in this case his vengance was the opposite that he did to Athens since he caused a drought in the city. With Zeus, he had the same problem for Egina city, with Dionysos for Naxo city and with Apollo for Delphi city. Another time he tried to dethrone Zeus, and for this reason he was exiled from Greece for one year. But not everything that Poseidon had done was bad , because he helped Zeus in the battle against the giants. Also with Apollo he built the indestructible walls of Troy, that later on he destroyed because the king Laomedon did not want to pay them the deal that they had. Poseidon sent a monster to destroy the wall. After that he helped the Greeks in the Trojan War. Poseidon was well known also for his love affair like Zeus. One of his lovers was Medusa, when she was a beautiful woman, Poseidon made love with her in one of the Athena's temples and for this reason Athena punished Medusa and turned her into a horrible creature, she turned Medusa's hair into snakes. By this union was born the horse Pegasus and Chysaor. an Other of Poseidon's affairs was Ge, by this union was born Hercules. His sons from other union were the Cyclops Polyphemus,and the giant Antaeus. In an other legend Poseidon tried seducing Demeter , by this union was born the horse Arion. Poseidon governs the house of Pisces in the zodiac, and for him the horse was sacred. In art he is representing with a trident and accompanied by a dolphin. Every two years the Isthmian celebrate a game in his honor.



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Poseidon was the second greatest god. He had a violent intrapment. Poseidon was the second greatest of the Greek gods. He had a violent temperament. His parents were Cronus and Rhea, and his brothers were Zeus and Hades. They divided the universe among themselves. Zeus chose heaven, Hades chose the underworld, and Poseidon chose the oceans and the sea, and all three had power over the earth. Poseidon was known as the lord of the sea and the god of the earthquakes. Many scholars saw in Poseidon the next lord of the text universe after Zeus.
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