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The following editorials were written by 10th grade Biology students.

Sperm Banks

Article: Canada Goes South for Seed in Time of Need Short on donors, sperm banks get help -- reluctantly -- from U.S., where supplies are plentiful. Maggie Farley, Los Angeles Times
Sunday, March 25, 2001.

I think getting sperm from other people that wouldn't be the baby's "Father" is certainly fine. But in this case, I don't know what to say. I would do this if I was to have a baby, but I would probably adopt one. I sort of disagree with this . . . I don't feel good (about using sperm banks).

I think that the women that contracted the disease was kind of messed up. I agree that all guys should take tests . . . before the sperm is even used. Then women and the babies would (not) contract any diseases . . ..

I think that donating and receiving sperm (is) your decision, so you don't really need to five out your identity. Also, if you are receiving sperm, you should know what risks you are taking . . . (T)est should (be) performed first to make sure that the sperm (is) safe. I think they should do something to get more donors and fill up (the Canadian) sperm banks quickly.

I think that sperm banks and short of donors is not such a big deal in the world today. It doesn't really affect the world really. What would be affective is the shortage of blood banks cause of surgeries. After reading this article I think that it's weird how some women would just go get sperm and not just chose the guy they want to have the baby with and just go. Why go through all the trouble doing all the tests checking if the sperms from the donor are safe. The wait for half a year or so I think isn't worth it. I think couples who need these are homosexuals who don't want to go through the nature process, and they just (think it is) easier just going to a sperm bank and picking it up. I think one cool thing is that you get to choose the sperm I suppose. Like the ethnicity of the baby you want mix with your own type. I think that not everyone relies on the sperm bank to have babies is their other choices.

I think Canadians are lucky to have the US. Their donors have decreased so much, (that) they depend on the (United States). I agree with (their) reasons why (fewer) men are donating (sperm). (Still), the children of the sperm donors have the right to learn who their father is. It's more popular to live in Canada, and have a donor in the (United States), because (your child would) have a (lower) chance of bumping into their father (and his family). I think that is alright, but the children have the right to know how they got here.

I personally think that there is nothing wrong donating sperm to Canada. If women their (want) to get pregnant, then the United States is helping by providing the sperm for them.

(T)his article shows how important donated sperm can be! At first I couldn't believe what I was reading, that thousands of women depend on donors to give birth.

I think that it is a good thing that the (United States) is helping Canada, but I still think (the) shortage will be a problem. This is because I think deciding to be a donor is a hard (decision). I think most people won't be donors.

I believe it is a great idea for the United Stares to help Canada with their sperm problem. But it is also up to Canada to really investigate why there is a short supply in donors, insemination, etc. And I'm disappointed in Canada's old ways to test (to see if sperm donors are) clear of diseases. I believe that the number of insemination dropped due to people not relying too often on Canada because of that one mistake. But now, it is a good thing.

I think it was careless of the Canadian sperm donation clinics to (use infected sperm). I think they should have tested the donors before accepting the sperm from them. Now there could be a lot of sperm banks in Canada with diseased sperm. That is why they are put in quarantine, and how (Canada) are in demand for sperm from the (United States). This shows how careless and stupid people are in the world.

Judging from the article, it seems that the Canadians are quite stubborn to who they want to conceive with. Genetically, they are the same as everyone else, but they prefer to be with their countrymen. Wouldn't they rather prefer the U.S. sperm, which is proven to be slightly more superior and reliable? And back to the original problem which started all this, it seemed that this one mistake had caused Canada most of their sperm banks. Even though it wasn't doing well at that point, how did that disease get past through? Didn't they even check the sperms before distributing it? And what's with these increased requirements they had created. Wouldn't it be enough just to find out the location of the sperm donor, and whether it was infected or not? Those are the main things needed, is it not?

I don't know, but the things that the country does in order to survive is weird. People are arrogant to what they are doing, and overall, all I can see is that Canada is failing because they want it to fail.

I think this kind of information is useful for people to know, especially ones that want to have babies, but (are) not able to fertilize an egg. I think it is also good for women who want to have a baby, but don't want to know the donor. I think these articles should be talked about more often and provide more information, like including websites for the recipients.

I think that this is Canada's fault. They could be (healthier) . . .. The people are lazy, because they don't want to go through the process.

. . . (T)his article is weird, because I never knew that people did use a sperm bank. Also, we can (ask) for the traits that we want (from) the sperm bank.

It's weird that Canada is taking some sperm from the USA. It kind of makes me scared for any woman who takes a sperm from the bank, because that sperm can also carry diseases. Also, the Internet sperm bank makes me not want to trust those things. Its weird that Canada is getting USA sperm, (and that Canada) said that (United States) sperm gives better results. This article just was very weird, but (it taught) me something.

I think that the women who want to have a baby should have rights to their own privacy and not to have private information handed to the proper people. On the other hand, I think Canadian women shouldn't be so picky on what background their child should become whether it's American or Canadian because in the end they will have a child and that's the only thing that they should realize. In my personal opinion, it's better to have something than nothing at all.

I think this whole ordeal is pitiful. Canadians seem angry or jealous that our sperm is stronger and better. Maybe Canada will ask for President Clinton to run in office in spite of the scandal. It worked for us! For now we will donate our sperm to Canadian chrylogenic labs for incubation but I think a few load outburst about our sperm and Canadian population will decrease rapidly, as in we're not gonna lend no more sperm.

I think the government of countries other than the United States should encourage people to donate sperm and tell a little bit about themselves. They can show some positive benefits for donating sperm, and how (their) personal information can affect his babies. The governments should also pay the donors more money, because the process of donating sperm takes a long time. Their sperm have to get tested (twice), six months (apart). The person who's taking the benefit should pay . . . to help the cost of the donators.

Now as you can see here, there's going to be a larger population of American-Canadians in Canada, which doesn't set too well to with the Canadians who don't want to have an American sperm sample, only Canadian. In a way, Canadians are making the shortage worse on themselves, it wouldn't matter if the baby came out as an American, but then the fact that the baby may have American blood, and may have these American stereotypes of the way "The American" acts. Not only those problems, non-white ethnic groups will be underrepresented in these terms because of lack of the selection, and will have to get their sperm overseas problem. Now if Canada fixed up on their sterilization requirements in the first place, they wouldn't be having a problem like this, sperm is now a hot commodity up there.

I think that's mean, that women think that they can get any sperm they want. Another thing that (goads me) is that men get $20-40 for giving life to a woman.

The reason this article was (written) was probably to alert people that there isn't enough sperm donors in Canada . . .. (The journalist) want to show how luck the (United States) is and how Canada is having a crisis. This article could persuade (men) in Canada to be sperm donors. I think this article is pretty useful, because I never knew this information. It told me what was happening, and it was (written) clearly. This article was also interesting.

I think testing individuals several times to see if they have diseases is a great idea, fro the safety of the mother and the unborn child. I think that throwing all the other sperm that was frozen away was also a good idea, because the sperm could cause problems for the mothers as well.

I think the Canadian government did a very bad job at controlling the sperm banks. They don't even know that some sperm donors have STD. Even people with STD can donate sperm to the sperm bank. Now they have to test all the sperms again to make sure that they are safe.

I think this article is kind of informative and disgusting at the same time. I don't really want to hear all that about sperm and how Canada has problems getting sperm. I clearly understand the (United States) do not have problems with it because they are more open. I never knew that so many people needed sperm. The article was well written and was very good to read. The information it gave about everything was not misleading. I think that people do have a choice to take donors, but I think it is too risky too. You never know what disease you can catch, or if the donor is apart of your family. Well that's my two cents.

My opinion of this information should be on like both sides because some mothers getting the donates sperm, doesn't want her child to know the father nor have any clue who the father is. Having a donors identity is also a good thing since the child might be able to meet the father or something also so the child won't be married into the donors family.

In my opinion, I don't think this was a good article, because it's too long for one topic. In other ways, it good, because its interesting.

I think that is stupid that hate don't want sperm from donors of the (United States), just because they aren't Canadians. They shouldn't care about that, because there is already a crisis. They should start doing something new to attract more donors.

In my opinion, I think this is weird. I can understand that couples who can't have babies will go to a sperm bank, but not all those other women. I think it's stupid that some women don't want (United States) sperm because it isn't Canadian. It doesn't really make a difference. Its not like you are going to marry the person. I also find it is crazy if your kid from the sperm bank meets the donor's kid and then fall in love and have kids. That would be nasty.