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Challenge Class

TMAHS Challenge

Each year, Thurgood Marshall Academic High School (TMAHS) stops its regular curriculum to teach a project based subject for two weeks. The purpose of the challenge is to provide an academically challenging course that touches upon nontraditional subjects. In the five years that I have been at TMAHS, there have been challenges that looks at Cooking and Nutrition, Chinese culture, Latin culture, Forensics, Robotics, Astronomy, Camping, Watershed Ecology, World Mythology, and many more. Each challenge has its packet of fun activities, and its share of intense academics that are needed to understand the activities to their deepest level.

My last challenge (January, 2001) was World Mythology, in which my students explored different aspects of World Mythology. The Web Page linked to Mythology shows the end product of their work. Respecting their work, I did no editing to the page, except to ensure clean linkages of the Web pages.