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When Students Shine

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When Everything Works


A rose

by Janet Siharath

Amazing what a good artist can produce, even with whiteboard markers. I am always asked why did I want to become a teacher. The following, poorly written piece may give you some small explanation.

When everything works, and comes together.

When students explore and want to learn.

When excitement emerges, grows, envelops,

That's the time to be a teacher.


When art, math, language and inquiry

Leads students to higher understanding.

When they laugh at the sheer joy, the fun, the excitement,

That's the time to be a teacher.

Forgive me my little indulgence, but this section is the one which give me the most joy in teaching. It is when I see students produce good work, when they finally get it and have fun in the act that I feel that something was accomplished. So it is here that I brag, showing what my students have made when everything comes together.