Reading, Notes, and Writing Strategies


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Steps in Summarizing Informational Text:


  1. Highlight, or write in your notebook, the most important points in the reading.

  2. Make a brief outline of the most important points.

  3. Mention the author, the genre (specific area) in Biology, and the title of the reading in your first sentence.

  4. State the topic of the reading and the main idea at the beginning of your summary.

  5. Include only the most important supporting points.

  6. Use you own words to discuss the ideas.

  7. Don't include your personal opinions or experiences.

  8. Present the ideas in the order in which they were discussed in the reading selection.

  9. Introduce the author's points by using citation verbs and expressions (e.g., the author points out, according to).

  10. Include enough information so that a classmate who had not read the selection could read your summary and get a passing grade on a quiz.