Best 10-inch Telescope

There is something so beautiful about the night sky, isn’t there? The stars align before our eyes, treat a planet emerging, sometimes a comet or meteor shower, there is so much to see, and so much our naked eye misses! 

A telescope opens up the world above us so that even beginners can marvel at the wonders. 10-inch telescopes, in particular, are excellent for doing this! They offer more light-gathering power than smaller telescopes to deliver brighter and clearer images.

Best 10-inch telescope

Finding the best 10-inch telescope, though, can be a minefield, especially if you are new to the world of astronomy. There are so many on the market, and with telescopes ranging in price so dramatically, it can be an overwhelming purchase to make. 

But fear not! We have done the hard work for you! Keep reading for the best 10-inch telescopes, a helpful buyer’s guide, and an FAQ section so you can buy your new telescope with ease. 

In a hurry? Check out our top pick to grab your telescope and set your sights on the sky!


For those after an outstanding viewing experience, the Sky-Watcher Classic telescope could be the one for you! It is an expensive telescope, but it is a fantastic option to consider for those keen to have a crystal clear view of the stars. 

Building on the Dobsonian telescopes’ legacy before it, this telescope features a large aperture to provide you with bright and bold views.

These telescopes are often referred to as “light buckets,” able to view galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters. 

The telescope uses fully multi-coated borosilicate primary and secondary mirrors to deliver exceptional views of the night sky.

These mirrors are 94% reflective, too, to have those outstanding results. If you are on the fence, go and check out customers' pictures in the review section! You will not be disappointed.  

What’s great about this telescope is the proprietary tension control handles, which allow for accurate movement even if the balance is not perfect.

These handles are patented to Sky-Watcher, too, so you won’t find them anywhere else! 

The telescope also features Teflon bearings to deliver smooth azimuth movement while in use.

It comes as a complete set, too, featuring a 2-inch Crayford-style focuser with one ¼ inch adapter, two super wide-angle eyepieces, and a 9x50 straight-through finder scope. 

The telescope is also lightweight, weighing 53lbs once fully assembled, making it an excellent traveling option.

It should not take long for you to assemble the telescope either, roughly 20 minutes or so. Customers were impressed with how good the collimation was when using it straight from its packaging! 

After a great telescope with beautiful views of distant galaxies and incredible detail on closer objects, stop reading and buy the Sky-Watcher telescope now!


  • A large aperture provides a bright and bold viewing experience.
  • Tension control handles allow for accurate movement.
  • Sturdy and lightweight design
  • Teflon bearings ensure smooth movement. 
  • Fully coated primary and secondary mirrors for exceptional views  


  • Expensive 

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Orion 10135 SkyQuest XT10g Computerized GoTo Dobsonian Telescope

For those after a fully motorized telescope that will track the stars for you, this telescope from Orion is the one for you! 

The telescope locates, centers, and automatically tracks over 42,000 objects in the sky with just the push of a button! It has never been easy to observe the sky, especially with the large 10-inch aperture; you can view galaxies, nebulas, and star clusters, as well as bright close up studies of the planets and our Moon. 

The Go-To feature on this telescope is incredibly popular with customers, allowing them to enjoy the view without having to realign the telescope or even take their eyes off the scope!

The Go-To motors, encoders, and gears all come pre-installed on the Dobsonian base for an easy assembly. 

With this telescope, you get a 2-inch dual-speed Crayford focuser, a 2-inch DeepView eyepiece, 1.2-inch illuminated crosshair Plossl eyepiece, EZ Finder II reflex sight, eyepiece rack, collimation cap, and starry night software!

That's a whole host of added goodies with the telescope for you to enjoy! 

You can connect the scope to your computer and control the scope using the included software or other astronomy software you may have.

The drawback here is that the connection is with a serial cable, which may not be compatible with newer devices.

There is no USB connection making it a little outdated by today's standards. However, this does not take away from its fantastic tracking and optics! 

Customers found the Go-To features fantastic, especially for introducing young children to astronomy. They found the system easy and quick to use, allowing you more time to enjoy the night sky.  

For those after a fantastic telescope that provides excellent views of the night sky with minimal effort from yourself, Orion’s telescope is the one for you!


  • Computerized and fully motorized for easy use 
  • A large 10-inch aperture allows viewing of far off and closer objects.
  • Starry night software included. 
  • The Go-To feature removes the need for adjusting the scope. 
  • Comes with a range of eyepieces and focusers


  • Some of the technology is a little out-dated, i.e., no USB cable connection.


Celestron Sky-Watcher Flextube 250 Dobsonian 10-inch Collapsible Large Aperture Telescope – Portable, Easy to Use, Perfect for Beginners, White/Black (S11720)

Another innovative design from Sky-Watcher is their collapsible telescope.

Featuring a 10-inch aperture, for those looking for clear views of the night sky and incredible portability, this could be the one for you! 

The telescope features the brand’s patented proprietary tension control handles that allow for accurate movement without the need for perfect balance.

These handles make the telescope easy to use compared to other brands! Combined with the Teflon bearings, you get smooth azimuth movement for an enhanced and enjoyable viewing experience. 

The telescope uses fully multi-coated borosilicate primary and secondary mirrors that are 94% reflective to deliver those exceptional views.

Teamed with the large aperture, you get a bright and bold viewing experience of the night sky. 

You get a 2-inch Crayford-style focuser with a one ¼ inch adapter, two super wide-angle eyepieces (25mm and 10mm), and an 8x50 right-angle finder scope, so you can get straight into your stargazing!

Customers were impressed with how easy the telescope was to use and the telescope’s durability, with each piece being made to a very high standard. 

It arrives in two parts and is easy to assemble with the instructions or online tutorials’ help.

When you are ready to collapse your telescope, it will break into two pieces again. The telescope feels very sturdy and is lightweight, weighing 40lbs once fully assembled.               

It is a little pricey, but for those after a telescope with excellent views and fantastic portability, this could be the one for you! 


  • Collapsible and easy to travel with
  • Tension control handles allow for accurate movement 
  • 94% reflective mirrors 
  • Complete with focusers and wide-angle eyepieces 
  • Sturdy design 


  • Expensive 


Sky Watcher Sky-Watcher Flextube 250 SynScan Dobsonian 10-inch Collapsible Computerized GoTo Large Aperture Telescope, White, (S11810)

Yes, this is another excellent find from SkyWatcher on this list! Their 10-inch computerized collapsible telescope offers you portability and fantastic tracking abilities! 

The telescope features built-in WiFi, which connects to your smartphone or tablet and allows you to control your telescope through your device.

Combined with the GoTo features, this computerized telescope can precisely track an object in the sky without you needing to adjust anything!

The telescope features all-metal gearing to ensure this can be done with ease.

The SynScan hand controller has an object database of over 42,000, able to recognize and track any of these! Stargazing just got easier!

Alongside the incredible technology used, the large 10-inch aperture provides a bright and bold viewing of the night sky.

It is aided by the borosilicate primary and secondary mirrors that deliver exceptional views and are 94% reflective! 

The telescope comes with a 2-inch Crayford-style focuser with a one ¼ inch adapter, two super wide-angle eyepieces, and a 9x50 straight-through finder scope, allowing you to be up and running in no time at all! 

Customers enjoyed the tracking ability of the telescope and its ability to maintain this at higher magnification levels.

They found the switch between computerized and manual movements easy to do and made it a versatile telescope to own. 

Customer service is also available to provide excellent support should you have any issues.

Some customers did note that you will need to collimate a telescope to ensure the alignment is correct every time you collapse and set the telescope up.

This can be quite time consuming if you have to disassemble your telescope after every use. 

For those after a computerized telescope, you can collapse and have fantastic views of the night sky; this could be the one for you! 


  • Collapsible design for excellent portability and storage
  • Built-in WiFi to connect to your smartphone or tablet
  • All metal gearing allows for precise tracking on the GoTo telescope.
  • Features a database of over 42,000 objects to track 
  • The telescope comes with a range of eyepieces and scopes. 


  • The telescope needs to be collimated every time you assemble it.


Meade Instruments 1010-60-03 LX200-ACF 10-Inch (f/10) 145K object Database Advanced Coma-Free Telescope with Autostar II Hand Controller

Meade offers a 10-inch telescope that provides maximum brightness and contrasts thanks to its Ultra-high transmission coatings!

For those looking for a great telescope as a beginner or more advanced, this is a great one to consider! 

The telescope features the advanced LX200 AutoStar II computer system, which boasts a library of 145,000 objects!

It also offers guided tours, high precision pointing capability, and a Meade SmartDrive with Periodic Error Correction.

You also get free downloads of the updated software too, so you are never out of the loop! 

You also get Meade’s AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition software for your PC, allowing you to understand more about the night sky.

It’s an excellent option for experienced astronomers or one a beginner can grow into. You will need to purchase your adapter cables to connect to your PC, though, as the telescope does not come with them included. 

The telescope comes with a standard tripod, 1.25-inch prism, single-speed focuser, a 26mm eyepiece, and an 8x50 viewfinder.

The large 10-inch telescope features an optical tube length of 23-inches too and works great at deep space gazing. 

The telescope is shipped in two packages and is easy to assemble.

Customers have praised the secure packaging for the sensitive optics, so you won’t need to worry about a damaged telescope arriving on your door!

If anything does happen, you are protected by a one-year warranty, though!

Customers were impressed with its strong tracking abilities and excellent optics.

They also enjoyed the fast slew speeds and its ability for deep space gazing. Check out the pictures some reviewers left of Saturn; they are incredible! 

For those keen and serious astronomers after a new large telescope, this could be the one for you! 


  • Ultra-high transmission coatings 
  • Telescope comes with AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition Software for PC 
  • GOTO system used 
  • Comes with a range of eyepieces and viewfinders
  • Quick and easy to assemble 


  • PC adapter cables are not included. 

Best 10-inch Telescope Buying Guide

Not sure what to look for? Our handy buyer’s guide shall light the path for you.

Manual or computerized?

In recent years computerized telescopes are not only for those with a massive budget. They are still pricey, yes, but more accessible now. So do you try your hand at a computerized telescope or stick with a manual one?

A manual telescope will need to be aligned by yourself, usually by hand. When tracking an object, you will need to frequently re-position the scope to ensure it is always within sight.

Manual telescopes are often available at a lower cost and can be great for beginners, as it is not going to cost you as much if you decide it is not the hobby for you. These are often lighter than computerized telescopes and are more likely to be collapsible. 

A computerized telescope does the hard work for you and allows you to enjoy the views simply. They usually come with software that has a vast database of celestial objects you can identify and track.

This software is excellent for beginners and advanced astronomers alike. 

Although heavier, you can often find collapsible computerized telescopes that are great for traveling. When opting for a computerized telescope, be sure to check the power source it requires to ensure it is suitable for yourself. 

The decision is ultimately yours to make, but it is worth considering how much use you would get from the bonuses of computerized telescopes, such as the software programs and compatibility with your current devices. We do have a soft spot for computerized telescopes here, although that may be us being lazy! 

Added extras?

We all like a bargain when we are shopping, and buying a telescope is no different! Many these days come with added features or extras that it is worth keeping your eye out for. 

Look for telescopes that come as kits with extras such as viewfinders of different sizes and extendable mounts. These all add to your viewing experience and allow you to tailor it depending on what you are looking at in the sky.

For example, if you view distant objects like galaxies, the ability to change eyepieces is an excellent option. 

Viewfinders can be purchased separately too, but keep an eye out for telescopes that come with high-quality viewfinders and eyepieces to keep the cost down. 

A carry bag or travel case is an excellent extra to look out for. It will provide convenient storage for your telescope without an additional cost and allows you to travel with your telescope, too, without worrying about it breaking.

The included bag will usually have room for the mount and other included accessories too. 

How much?

A telescope price can range quite dramatically, leaving you wondering just how much you should be spending on it. It is a good idea to set a clear budget and stick to it as best as possible. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get an excellent quality 10-inch telescope, but it is worth considering what you want from your telescope to guide your budget. For example, if having a computerized telescope is essential, then your budget might become stretched. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for any sales or lightning deals to grab a bargain!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your last-minute queries answered here! 

Why should I get a 10-inch telescope?

A 10-inch telescope offers more light gathering than smaller sizes to provide you with a clear view of the night sky. They are usually cheaper than larger 12-14-inch telescopes too. 

A 10-inch telescope can gather up to 56% more light than an 8-inch telescope, which provides better observations of deep-sky targets. These telescopes are well suited to deep space viewing, for objects such as galaxies.

While they can be a little large, if you are after fantastic images and range, a 10-inch telescope is an excellent option. 

Gordon Watts