What Are The 3 Stars In A Row Called?

If you tend to look up at the stars on a clear night, it is very likely that you will have noticed three bright stars that sit in an almost straight line.

What you might not know is that each of those three stars has a unique name and that the three stars combine to make a constellation, which is in turn part of a much bigger constellation.

What Are The 3 Stars In A Row Called

The three stars in question are Alnitak, Mintaka, and Alnilam. These three prominent stars make up a constellation called Orion’s belt.

It is so-called because the three stars create the shape of a belt, and they lie within the larger constellation of the hunter, Orion.

Although the asterism (group of stars) can also be referred to as the Three Kings or Three Sisters – among many other names – Orion’s Belt is the most common name for it, because of its relation to the rest of the Orion constellation.

The stars that make up the belt have influenced multiple cultures over the centuries. The belt has held religious meaning for many cultures from around the world.

In Indian mythology, the three stars were seen to represent the Hindu figure, Shravan, as he undertook a pilgrimage with his parents.

Christians around the world have also laid claim to the constellation’s importance, which is why many of the asterism’s nicknames have biblical origins, such as the Three Magis, Peter’s Staff, and the Three Kings.

Due to its position in the night sky in the northern hemisphere, the three stars were used in ancient times for timekeeping, too.

Who Is Orion?

The figure of Orion and his belt carry a lot of symbolism for many people. Orion is a Greek mythological figure, whom the Greeks believed was a phenomenal and strong hunter that traveled the earth before them.

His father is Poseidon, who is the Greek god of the sea and is also revered for his strength and power.

It is said that Orion was placed in the stars by Zeus, after being killed by an arrow to the chest by Artemis.

Orion is featured in the oldest and most famous work of Greek literature, Homer’s Odyssey. In this epic poem, Orion is depicted as the god of hunting, and is said to be able to fight and kill any animal on earth.

Alongside his brawn, Orion is shown to also be attractive, and Homer claims he is the lover of the Goddess Dawn.

Throughout Greek literature and mythology, Orion is presented as a figure of power, attractiveness, and skill. Because of this, the Orion constellation and the Orion’s Belt constellation are packed with symbolic meaning.

what are the three stars in a row called? Orions belt

The Symbolism Of Orion’s Belt

In one way, Orion represents strength and victory against one’s enemies, so many people think that if you can see the constellation, it is a sign that you have the strength to prevail against all evil.

Orion’s belt carries a similar message. If you see Orion’s belt in the night sky, you are receiving a reminder of your own strength, and being reassured that you will prevail against all challenges.

Many people believe that by observing the belt of Orion, you are able to sense a better version of yourself shining through the woodwork.

Because of the spiritual and mythological significance of Orion, many people believe that seeing his belt is a sign that you are connected to higher spiritual powers.

Furthermore, the way in which the three stars are so neatly aligned has made the belt of Orion a symbol of fate and alignment in life. If you see this belt in the night sky, it is believed that the universe is telling you something about the alignment of the things in your life.

If you have recently been successful and have found happiness in the order of things, the constellation is there to remind you to continue on the same path.

If you have been struggling to progress and feel as though you have been mistiming things recently, seeing Orion’s belt is a message that things will get better if you focus more on the positioning of things in your life.

You can only see Orion’s belt because of the way it is immaculately positioned in the sky, so perhaps seeing it is a reminder to reevaluate your priorities and to switch up your way of doing things.

Whether it is straying from the negative people in your life, or moving on from a dead-end job, seeing Orion’s belt could be a hint that you need to alter your position in life in order to grow.

For quite a few cultures around the world, it is believed that when we die, we turn into stars that shine in the sky at night. Because of this belief, many people think that seeing the bright stars of Orion’s belt is a sign that three of your lost loved ones or ancestors are watching over you.

This makes Orion’s belt a symbol of protection, reassurance, and guidance.

The number three is a spiritual number that represents unity and strength. This spiritual meaning, when combined with the strength and hunting powers that are associated with Orion, makes Orion’s belt a symbol of strength.

If Orion’s belt appears to you, the universe is sending you a message that you are strong; both mentally and physically.

Seeing Orion’s belt is a reminder that you are capable of achieving anything you put your mind to. Just as Orion has gone down in history as an undefeated hero, you, too, have the ability to do great things with your power.

If you see the constellation of Orion’s belt frequently, it might mean that you have not picked up on the right message from the constellation and that the universe is trying to prompt a change in you.

If you do see Orion’s belt all the time, have a think about whether any of the constellation’s messages could be applied to you and your life, and consider implementing a change for the better.

How Can I Find Orion’s Belt?

Because the three stars are so bright and are neatly positioned in a clear line, Orion and his belt are two of the easiest constellations to spot in the night sky.

The first thing that will help you to see these constellations is if you wait for the right time of year. The Orion constellation is not actually visible all year round but is most clearly visible from the northern hemisphere in winter, or from late autumn to spring.

From the southern hemisphere, it is most visible in summer. If you are in the northern hemisphere of the planet, the constellation should be southwest in the sky. If you live in the southern hemisphere, look northwest to try and find it.

It might be helpful to know that Orion’s belt rises in the east and sets in the west.

The best way to find the belt once you have done these things is to find the three bright stars that form an almost perfectly straight line. The three stars appear to be almost exactly equally spaced apart, too (they look quite close to one another, but are actually lightyears apart!).

Once you have spotted the three bright stars, you will be able to make out the shape of Orion, too. Depending on the time of year, Orion’s belt will be at different angles, so descriptions for finding the surrounding stars will vary.

If you are in the northern hemisphere, imagine that the belt is horizontal, look upwards between the left and middle stars to find a bright orangey star called Betelgeuse.

Below the three stars, between the middle and right stars, will be a bright bluish star called Rigel.

The line between these two stars is almost straight, and they are almost equidistant from Alnilam – the middle of the three stars in the belt. These two stars represent Orion’s left shoulder and right foot, respectively.

To find them in the southern hemisphere, follow the same instructions but upside down! Once you have the left shoulder and right foot spotted, it should be quite easy to connect the dots and form the rest of Orion and his bow.

Orion’s constellation has an open stance, has its right arm stuck out, holding a bow, and its left arm held up above its head. It sounds quite complicated to find, but once you have spotted the three stars of the belt, it is actually super easy to spot the surrounding bright stars that make up Orion.

Final Thoughts

So, the three stars in a row are not just any old stars. They carry with them centuries’ worth of symbolism and provide meaning to hundreds of different cultures.

The three stars in a row are most commonly called Orion’s Belt, as they form a belt-like shape that brings together a wider constellation of the hunter, Orion.

The stellar owner of this belt has been a significant figure in literature and mythology since ancient times and still carries with him importance today.

Orion, for many, represents strength and victory; for others, the constellation is a reminder to realign their priorities in life.

No matter what meaning you draw from the constellation, if any, there is no denying that the three stars in a row have an important role both in the sky and in the lives of many people.

Next time you look up to the night sky, use your newfound methods to find the belt of stars and see what it evokes in you.

Gordon Watts