Best Telescope Eyepieces

An eyepiece is a lens that is attached to a telescope to magnify an image bringing the subject in focus closer by collecting light to create an image that is observed through the telescope.

Investing in a telescope eyepiece can hugely impact the optical system of your telescope.

Best Telescope Eyepieces

There are many options to choose from with some available in single options and others available in sets with multiple lenses.

It is important to ensure that you select the best eyepiece that is going to be compatible with your needs and your telescope.

For those that are uncertain of the best options available, we have taken the hard work out of the process and reviewed our top 5 picks of the best eyepieces available. 

Are you in a hurry? If so, we have identified our top pick for you below. 


Celestron 14 Piece Telescope Accessory Kit - Plossl Eyepieces, Barlow Lens, Colored Filters, Moon Filter, and Sturdy Carry Case

The Celestron accessory set provides you with 5 PLOSSL eyepieces; 32mm, 17mm, 13mm, 8mm, and 6mm. Aside from this, each of the eyepieces has the same field of view at 52 degrees. 

A great thing about these eyepieces is that they are compatible with the 2 x Barlow lenses. Enjoy an enhanced viewing experience with double the viewing power.

The combination of a Barlow lens and the eyepiece provides you with the equivalent of having double the amount of eyepieces in your collection.

This set weighs a minimal 1.53 kilograms and also comes with a carry case that allows you to transport the contents of the set with ease.

When not in use, you can be confident that each of the pieces are safely stored and protected from potential damage. 

Aside from the lenses and eyepieces, you are also provided with multiple colored lenses that work to illuminate particular elements of the subject through the telescope.

For example, those that are going to be using this telescope for stargazing or planet viewing can enjoy viewing the different elements in greater detail. 


  • This set is backed with a 2 year warranty and unlimited customer support should you experience any issues.
  • Aside from eyepieces, you are also provided with 2 lenses, colored filters, and a carry case.
  • The case is durably constructed from metal with foam lining for enhanced safety.
  • As a lightweight kit, it is easy to transport in between locations.
  • This is an ideal option for beginners who want to familiarize themselves with how eyepieces and telescopes work.


  • While this is great for beginners, it may not satisfy the needs of those looking for advanced eyepieces.


SVBONY 25mm Telescope Eyepiece, Large Aperture Eyepiece, 40 Degree Field of View Plossl Eyepiece with Filter Threaded for Observing Moon Planetary Binary

Ideal for reflector telescopes, the SVBONY eyepiece is 25mm and threaded for use with 1.25" standard telescope eyepieces.

For this reason, it is ideal for capturing the deepness and intricate details of deep-sky objects. For those who enjoy stargazing, you can view all of the incredible details of star clusters.

For an enjoyable viewing experience without reflections, the interior has been fully threaded. It is also black which maximizes the contrast while controlling the spread of stray lighting.

Boasting a fully multi-coated achromatic design, this eyepiece provides high-quality resolution so you can use the telescope in bright areas with high contrast. 

With a 40 degree apparent field of view, this telescope can be used for a range of observations but is particularly effective when used to view the moon, planets, star clusters, cloudy nebulas, and deep space objects.

We particularly like how this eyepiece features a soft rubber eye guard. Not only does this make it comfortable when pressed against your eye, but it also ensures that the interior and delicate parts of the telescope are protected from potential damage. 


  • It is available in two size options; 25mm and 40mm which is great for catering to the needs of different individuals.
  • Although this is an affordable lens, it certainly doesn't compromise on the quality.
  • The high-quality glass allows you to enjoy clearer views.
  • As a lightweight lens, it is easy to handle.
  • The soft rubber coating protects your eyes while the telescope is in use and prevents it from getting damaged.


  • The field of view may not satisfy all individuals as it isn't particularly wide.


Gosky Astronomical Telescope Accessory Kit - with Telescope Plossl Eyepieces Set, Filter Set, 2X Barlow Lens

Producing decent quality optical products at an affordable price, this eyepiece set from Gosky is great for those on a budget.

This 9 piece set consists of 3 Plossl eyepieces; a 6mm, a 12.5mm, and a 20mm option, 2 Barlow lenses, a moon filter, 3 color filters, a chamois cloth, and a handy carry case.

While the eyepieces are the central focus, this set provides you with all that you need to begin using your telescope.

The assortment of eyepieces allows you to select the best or the view. You can observe lunar spectacles, star clusters, cloudy nebulas, and deep-sky targets.

A great thing about these eyepieces is that they are compatible with all telescopes, so you can make your purchase in the knowledge that each piece is compatible with your telescope. 

The Barlow lenses are compatible with all of the eyepieces. Attaching one of the Barlow lenses will double the magnification of your telescope, essentially allowing you to witness broader views with greater detail.

Courtesy of the color filters, you can view objects in greater detail. For example, for those who wish to observe planets, the different colors can be great for highlighting certain details.

The moon can be difficult to look at due to the beam of light that is going to be accentuated when viewed through a telescope.

Attaching the moon lens dims this light so you can continue to carry out your observations comfortably.


  • The contents of this set ensure that you are equipped with all that you need to use your telescope. 
  • The aluminum case allows you to store each of the pieces safely.
  • Each of the eyepieces boasts excellent quality for enjoyable use.
  • The eyepieces show crystal clear views so you can see the planets in much better detail.
  • All of the colored lenses add an exciting touch allowing you to view objects in greater detail.


  • Some customers have reported that the eyepieces are prone to becoming blurry which may become problematic.


Celestron X-Cel LX Series Eyepiece - 1.25-Inch 25mm 93426

As a trusted brand, known for producing high-quality optics we have included another pick from Celestron.

Unlike our previous pick, the Celestron X-cel LX series is a singular eyepiece with a 60 degree field of view.

The six-element fully coated lens system offers excellent depth in what you can view through this telescope.

If you enjoy observing the moon, planets, and deep-sky objects, this eyepiece could be a worthy option for you. 

Featuring a 1.25" threaded barrel, this eyepiece can be used with filters. It is also available in many size variations, if this particular eyepiece isn't going to cater to your needs, other options are likely to do so. 

A great feature is the treaded rubber grip that has been incorporated into the body of the product. You can hold the eyepiece without the fear of dropping it and causing any damage.

The eye guard features a rubber coating that allows you to use it with greater comfort. Aside from this, you can also increase the contrast by simply twisting the guard.

Courtesy of the blackened optics, you can observe images with increased contrast and sharper and clear detailing.

With a black anodized aluminum body, this eyepiece has been durably constructed and is sure to see you through many uses in the future. 


  • Weighing 7 ounces, this eyepiece is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • The pop up eyecups can be adjusted to suit the requirements of different users and are favored by glasses wearers in particular.
  • The threaded barrel insert makes this eyepiece compatible with filters. 
  • The rubber exterior allows you to maintain a comfortable grip.
  • It is durably constructed from aluminum to ensure that it sees you through many uses.


  • While it is great for observing fairly close objects it struggles to maintain the focus of planets at a greater distance.


MEOPTEX 1.25' 6mm 9mm 15mm 20mm 66-Degree Ultra Wide Angle Eyepiece for Telescope (20mm)

Available in multiple sizes, the MEOPTEX wide-angle telescope eyepiece comes in a 6mm, 9mm, or 20mm option.

For this reason, you can select the best eyepiece for your needs. In this review, we are going to be focussing on the qualities boasted by the 9mm eyepiece. 

This eyepiece has an impressive 66 degree apparent field of view which is great for observing the moon, milky way, and star clusters in great detail.

In comparison to many other options on the market, this field of view is pretty generous and provides you with a wider view of your subject. 

As for eye relief, MEOPTEX has you covered, this eyepiece boasts 14.8mm eye relief that allows you to view objects in the distance with comfort.

This is also a great feature that caters to the needs of glasses wearers allowing them to see the entire field of view without any discomfort or compromises to the quality of the view. 

Courtesy of the five-element design you can enjoy observing images with improved sharpness and contrast. This also helps to improve the color correction so you witness high quality detail.


  • The blackened barrel prevents eye scattering to ensure that it doesn't hinder the quality of the view.
  • It is available in three different sizes to cater to the needs of different individuals.
  • The aluminum construction creates a tough and durable eyepiece.
  • The eye relief ensures that this eyepiece is comfortable for glasses wearers to use too.
  • Weighing only 4.8 ounces, it is super light for easy handling.


  • Unfortunately, some customers have reported that this eyepiece isn't suitable for all telescopes so it is necessary to be cautious of this before making your purchase. 

Best Telescope Eyepieces Buying Guide

As there are many telescope eyepieces available there are several factors that we would advise you to consider before making your purchase.

From the different types available and the different characteristics boasted by each, the following criteria will aid you during the purchasing process. 

The Apparent Field of View

The apparent field of view is a measurement that identifies what your telescope is going to show when your eyepiece is attached to the lens.

Simply put, the field of view refers to the viewing angle and everything visible to you when you look into the telescope.

The field of view can differ between the different eyepieces with some being wider than others and some being truer to what you can see rather than apparent. 

The Focal Length and Magnification

The focal length is an important factor that can determine the magnification of your eyepiece.

Essentially, the focal length refers to the power of the lens and the overall magnification of the setup.

A telescope with a shorter focal length tends to have greater magnifying power. 

The Eye Relief

As expected the eye relief is going to affect how comfortable the lens is and how well you can observe the image through the lens of the telescope. Ideally, your telescope should be equipped with long eye relief because this is going to make it much more comfortable.

To put it simply, the eye relief refers to the distance between your eye and the lens and tends to be proportionate to focal length. For this reason, a telescope with a shorter focal length is going to provide you with shorter eye relief. 

Set or Individual Eyepiece

While some eyepieces are sold in individual quantities, others are available in sets. The type that you choose is going to depend on your requirements. You may not require all of the pieces inside a set if you already have some and you are simply browsing the market for a particular lens.

If a telescope is a new purchase and you don't yet have any eyepieces a set may be a viable purchase that will provide you with a variety so that you are ready to begin using your telescope. A set is a great option that allows you to experiment with different lenses.

You will also find that some brands offer eyepieces in single quantities although they will be available in different size variations. 

The Material Construction

Most eyepieces boast a tough material construction, typically composed of anodized aluminum. As a tough material, aluminum creates a robust external housing that is sure to withstand daily use.

Should you accidentally drop the eyepiece, you can be sure that it isn't going to deteriorate quickly. The material construction is also likely to impact the effectiveness of your eyepiece by influencing the overall quality of the image that you are observing.

The Comfort

Many eyepieces will come with rubber guards which ensures that the telescope is comfortable when pressed against your eyes.

The comfort of the eyepiece is super important because you don't want to be holding your telescope against your eyes for a lengthy amount of time if it is made from tough materials that aren't soft against the skin.

Alternatively, the rubber grips also make the eyepieces comfortable for glasses wearers by ensuring that they can use the telescope without having to worry about the lens pressing against their glasses or skin uncomfortably. 

The Brand

Many brands manufacture high-quality eyepieces. Of course, as with most niches, particular brands within this industry are more well known than others.

Those with well-known reputations are typically associated with producing high-quality products of which are commonly sought after by customers that often make their purchases with this brand.

While you may wish to invest in a more well-known brand, there are many other options from less known brands available too. Should you wish to purchase from those less known brands there are still many high-quality products available.  

The Price

A telescope eyepiece that is worthy of your purchase is defined by how you intend to use it and your particular requirements.

Eyepieces retail at various prices with some that are much more affordable than others. Your expertise in using a telescope is likely to determine how much you are going to spend.

If you are a beginner and this is one of the first eyepieces that you are going to be buying, you may not wish to spend a lot as you are likely to want to experiment with using it first.

Those with a professional telescope may want to invest in a slightly more expensive eyepiece to coincide with this, there are options available to cater to this too. The quality is likely to be reflected in the price of the eyepiece and it is important to ensure that your chosen eyepiece satisfies your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many telescope eyepieces do I need?

Telescope eyepieces typically come in sets. A typical set consists of three different eyepieces, each of which has different intensities.

You will likely be provided with one low power, another medium power, and one high power. 

Of course, it depends on what you are going to be using your telescope to observe.

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